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Selling Green


Target those who are mandated to clean green, like government, schools and hospitals. Study our Resources Section to become familiar with who is mandated to do what in your region.

Target those who are talking "green." Look at the Web sites and ads by day-care centers, nursing homes, property managers, etc. See if they use words like "environment," "employee health/safety," "social responsibility," "caring for the community." You can help them deliver on their promises!

Help them find you. Get involved with local environmental groups and service organizations Become the green cleaning spokesperson. As your reputation as the green cleaning expert grows prospects will come to you.


Use enviro-news to "add value" to your customer relationship. Many facilities managers want the latest news about janitorial innovations and regulations. Their supervisors, customers, tenants – whoever uses the facilities – are asking about environmentalcleaning Bring them the news! They will keep you and them posted.

Sell the benefits of green cleaning. Use the end-user benefits sell sheet on this Web site when meeting with current or prospective clients. Tell them how FOCUS delivers:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased employee morale
  • Reduction in employee absenteeism
  • Reduction in health care costs
  • Healthier bottom line
Closing the sale. You might close by asking for a trial period: "FOCUS can provide a much healthier work environment and deliver as good or better cleaning and price. Can we set up a small trial in one of your buildings or on one or two floors?"
Several FOCUS products are certified by Green Seal™, an independent non-profit third party certification organization and/or are recognized by EPA/Safer Choice partnership, reducing risk to people and the environment. EPA/Safer Choice has reduced the use of chemicals of concern by approximately 335 million pounds.