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Formula: 6109

CX 88 Carpet Encapsulation Detergent is a concentrated carpet extraction cleaner formulated with environmentally responsible ingredients incorporating a proprietary encapsulation technology for superior maintenance of all types of stain resistant and untreated carpeting.

CX 88 Carpet Encapsulation Detergent is Green Seal´┐Ż Certified, meeting the requirements of the GS-37 standard for cleaners for industrial and institutional use.

CX 88 has a neutral pH and contains a biodegradable detergent system. Encapsulated soil particles release from the carpet fiber and are easily removed with normal vacuuming.

CX 88 can be used three ways: as a pre-spray to pre-treat soils/stains prior to extraction, as a traffic lane cleaner and as a carpet extraction solution.

Extraction Cleaner: 1:128 (1 oz. CX 88 per gallon of water)
Carpet Pre-Spray: 1:16 (8 oz. CX 88 per gallon of water)
Traffic Lane/Bonnet Cleaner: 1:16 (8 oz. CX 88 per gallon of water)

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Several FOCUS products are certified by Green Seal™, an independent non-profit third party certification organization and/or are recognized by EPA/Safer Choice partnership, reducing risk to people and the environment. EPA/Safer Choice has reduced the use of chemicals of concern by approximately 335 million pounds.