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Formula: 9675

A highly concentrated, 7-products-in-1 cleaner providing top-tier performance as a Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser, Restroom Cleaner/Deodorizer, Glass Cleaner, Pre-Spray/Carpet Spotter/Deodorizer and Extraction Detergent/Bonnet Cleaner depending upon dilution. Safe 2 Clean is Green Seal´┐Ż Certified, meeting the requirements of the GS-37 (2008) standard for industrial and institutional cleaning products. It is an environmentally responsible product that is designed to perform well yet has no harmful effects on our environment or to the person using the product. Safe 2 Clean uses the powerful oxygen-activated cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide, wetting agents and a deodorizing, fresh orange scent to penetrate the toughest accumulations of soil, grease or oil on any surface not harmed by water.

Light Duty: 1:128 dilution
Just 1 oz. per gallon makes an effective Glass Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Bonnet Cleaner, Auto Scrubber and Carpet/Extraction Cleaner.
1 gallon will dilute with water to make up to 512 quart bottles

Heavy Duty: 1:16 dilution
Just 8 oz. per gallon makes an excellent Restroom Cleaner, General Cleaner/Degreaser, Carpet Pre-Spray, Carpet Spotter and Deodorizer.
1 gallon will dilute with water to make 64 quart bottles.

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Several FOCUS products are certified by Green Seal™, an independent non-profit third party certification organization and/or are recognized by EPA/Safer Choice partnership, reducing risk to people and the environment. EPA/Safer Choice has reduced the use of chemicals of concern by approximately 335 million pounds.