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Green Seal™

What is GREEN SEAL™?

Green Seal™ is a non-profit organization that works with industry and stakeholders to set environmental standards for products and services.

A growing number of governments and corporations are now specifying in their procurement policies cleaning and other products that are Green Seal™ certified or meet Green standards. If you don't have products that are certified as meeting these standards, it will be very difficult to sell to these entities.

GREEN SEAL™ Standards Affect Our Industry

Cleaning/degreasing agents (GS-34)

Industrial and institutional cleaners (GS-37)

Industrial and Institutional Floor Finishes and Floor Finish Strippers (GS-40)

Hand Cleaners and Hand Soaps Used for Industrial and Institutional Purposes (GS-41)

Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services (GS-42)

Laundry Care Products (GS-48) In Development


First a "standard" is set for a product category. This standard reflects industry and stakeholder consensus on the criteria that define an environmentally preferable product. For "certification," product evaluations are conducted using a life-cycle approach to ensure that all significant environmental impacts of a product are considered, from raw materials extraction through manufacturing to use and disposal. Wherever possible, Green Seal™ standards cite international test methods for evaluating product performance or environmental attributes such as toxicity, and its procedures conform to international standards for ecolabelling.

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Several FOCUS products are certified by Green Seal™, an independent non-profit third party certification organization and/or are recognized by EPA/Safer Choice partnership, reducing risk to people and the environment. EPA/Safer Choice has reduced the use of chemicals of concern by approximately 335 million pounds.