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End-User Benefits

Increase productivity.

FOCUS green cleaning products help improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Good air increases employee morale and productivity.

It costs the average employer $200 per sq. ft. for salaries and benefits in a Class A office building.

It costs approximately $2 per sq. ft. to clean the same Class A office building.

Just 1% increase in worker productivity can cover the cost to clean the building!

Reduce health care costs.
Janitorial medical claims for on-the-job injuries are soaring. A study in Washington State showed that about 6 out of 100 workers file an injury claim. Lost time and claimed injury averaged more than $600. With more than 3 million janitorial workers nationally, the total cost exceeds more than $100 million.

Safer, less toxic cleaning products can help reduce janitorial worker injuries.

Reduce absenteeism.
Better in-door air quality, products with a good safety rating, good training, and proper protective gear are key factors in the battle against absenteeism. You provide the training and protective gear. FOCUS will do the rest!

Increase tenant retention.
Tell your tenants you're going green. Get them to tell their employees. Communicating your green cleaning program shows you care.

FOCUS: Increase tenant retention.
Reduce litigation.
Mold, asthma, chemical sensitivities and other in-door air quality problems can trigger absenteeism, low employee morale and, in extreme cases, litigation.

FOCUS: Reduce health risks.
Increase profits.
Productivity. Health care. Absenteeism.Tenant turnover. Litigation.
Fixing these goes a long way to fixing your bottom line.
FOCUS. Fix your profits.

Selling Points

FOCUS is priced to sell:

  • Concentrates are the most economical choice on a cost per use basis
  • RTU cleaners for immediate use save time and money by eliminating measuring and dilution
FOCUS reduces end-users' cleaning costs:
  • A good "green-cleaning program" can actually lower the cleaning costs and increase an End Users' ROI.
  • The increase in worker morale and productivity can actually offset a building's cleaning costs.
Several FOCUS products are certified by Green Seal™, an independent non-profit third party certification organization and/or are recognized by EPA/Safer Choice partnership, reducing risk to people and the environment. EPA/Safer Choice has reduced the use of chemicals of concern by approximately 335 million pounds.